Domain Name Registration

Because your name is everything…

One of the most important aspects of setting up a website, is registering an appropriate domain name – this makes up the bulk of the address visitors will enter into their Browser software to access your site, e.g.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not actually buy domain names outright – it is, in fact, the case that you are renting the name from one of the central databases (Nominet in the UK, and ICANN in the US) for an agreed period of time. When this time is about to expire, then you will be given the option to renew the name (or names) you have registered, or else it (or they) will become available for others to “acquire”.

Where possible, you are advised to acquire a range of names based on your initial choice to ensure that other parties cannot use them – once you have a range of names, they can be used to “point” to a single website so that potential access to it is maximised.

Ethical domain name registration from 247 Creative

You can rest assured that you (or your business) will always be registered as the “owner” of the domain, and we will be acting solely as your administrators. This is an important point to note, as some unscrupulous traders will register names on behalf of their clients in their own names, and then charge a hefty premium should those clients ever wish to take control of the domains themselves.

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