Email Marketing

Harness the marketing power of email…

The humble Email has come of age…

A well-crafted email marketing campaign represents a huge opportunity to keep in contact with your existing clients, and generate new business by attracting new clients or customers.

The best part of using email to communicate your business message is that it is extremely cost-effective in reaching a potentially vast audience, when compared to traditional offline methods, such as brochure-drops.

With an email-based campaign, you immediately do away with the need for expensive high-volume print jobs, and of course delivery is rapid once a broadcast has been initiated.

The case for email marketing becomes more compelling still when you consider the environmental benefits it brings to the table – as the message is electronic, there’s no need to contribute to the deforestation of the planet, so you can feel even better about keeping in touch with your customer-base!

Another advantage over traditional methods is that results of a campaign’s delivery can be measured more accurately – it is possible to analyse statistics to see how many messages have been viewed, and how many have led to conversions or clicks through to your website. The same cannot be said for brochures or leaflets which have been sent out!

How 247 Creative can help you with email marketing

We have years of experience in the creation and delivery of email marketing campaigns – we match stunning creative with rock-solid delivery platforms to create a persuasive whole. Whether your are broadcasting your message to 400 or indeed 40,000 recipients, we can develop the right solution for your business.

We give you the choice of adding a newsletter facility to your website, or creating stand-alone campaigns which are then sent via our trusted partners. All HTML emails we create are rigorously tested in a wide range of standard software so that your message is viewed as intended, and we always keep up-to-date with the latest developments in email software to make sure you’re always one step ahead of the game…

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