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Getting you found online…

Search Engine Optimisation¬†(also known as SEO) can make the difference between a website attracting visitors, and therefore potential revenue, or languishing in online obscurity…

Thankfully, 247 Creative has years of expertise in this field, and can provide solutions to your SEO needs in a number of ways, and help drive visitor traffic to your website.

We have a proven track record in acquiring top-level positions on the most important Search Engines and directories, such as Google and DMOZ, with our clients’ sites being returned on a wide range of carefully chosen strategic search terms.

The benefits of standards-compliant website design

Part of the success of our approach can be attributed to the fact that the accessible, standards-compliant websites we produce, are coded by hand, and come optimised right “out of the box” using industry-standard best practice and outstanding levels of client care.

If you’ve already got a website, but it isn’t performing as you would have hoped on the Search Engines, why not speak to us to see how the situation can be improved to your satisfaction.

Everything we undertake to optimise your website is done in close consultation with you – we will work hard to gain an appreciation of your business, and the kind of visitors you wish to attract.

“Organic” Search Engine Optimisation – with no unpleasant additives!

We only ever use “white hat” optimisation techniques to acquire solid rankings for our clients – in other words, we simply won’t use methods that could have a potentially adverse effect on those all-important positions. Sadly, the same cannot be said of a number of our competitors who employ opposing “black hat” strategies in an attempt to boost a site’s visibility on the Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimisation in Chichester (and beyond…)

Of course, you don’t have to be based in Chichester, or West Sussex to benefit from our experience in Search Engine Optimisation – we can help you wherever you or your business may be!

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